Why Can’T I Turn On Allow Siri When Locked?

How do I turn Siri on when my phone is locked?

You can use Siri If you don’t want Siri to be accessible from the lockscreen, you should toggle Allow Siri When Locked to off in Settings>Siri & Search..

What do you do when your phone wont unlock?

If you can’t unlock your phone, you’ll need to erase it. Then you can set it up again and set a new screen lock….Erase your phoneBe turned on.Be signed in to a Google Account.Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.Be visible on Google Play.Have Location turned on.Have Find My Device turned on.

Why is my iPhone not letting me put my password in?

User troubleshooting steps are restart (powering the device off and then back on again), reset (holding the sleep/wake and home buttons together until you see the Apple logo and then release. The device will reboot), and finally restore; first from a backup and then if necessary as a new device.

How do I unlock my iPhone without unresponsive screen without Siri?

How to Unlock Your iPhone Without Siri or Passcode Using iTunesUse a computer to open iTunes on a Mac or PC.Turn off your device and boot into recovery mode.On your computer, you’ll see the option to Restore or Update in iTunes.More items…•

Should I enable locked Siri?

Our recommendation is to keep Siri tucked safely behind the lock screen to avoid any possible security risks.

What do I do if my iPhone won’t let me unlock it?

Hard Reset iPhone XQuickly press and release the volume up button.Quickly press and release the volume down button.Press and hold down the side button. Release the side button when the Apple logo appears.

Can you ask Siri what your passcode is?

Just ask Siri, “Show me my passwords” or “Show me my password for [insert account name here]” and Siri will deliver the goods. … Just tap on an account to see your user name and password for it.

Can you use Siri when iPhone is locked?

When you open Settings -> Siri, there is an option “Access When Locked” which is grayed out. But there is an option to enable it if you open “Touch ID & Passcode”. After you enter your passcode, scroll down to the section “Allow Access When Locked”.

Can Siri read text when phone is locked?

But Siri will read your notifications from third-party apps aloud even if your phone is locked. … If you ask Siri to read your messages from Apple’s app aloud, you’ll be greeted by Siri telling you to unlock your iPhone if you want those juicy deets.