What Does The Surname Mcgrath Mean?

Where does the surname McGrath come from?

McGrath is a surname of ancient Irish origin, and is borne by the descendants of a number of septs, each with a common origin in the Kingdom of Thomond, a Kingdom that existed before the Norman invasion and located in north Munster..

What is McGrath in Irish?

Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Craith, a patronymic from a personal name, possibly Mac Raith ‘son of grace’, from rath ‘grace’, ‘prosperity’. Similar surnames: Mcgrail, Mcgrady, Mcgrane, Mcelrath, Mcgath, Mcmath, Mcrae, Mcfate.

Is Collins Irish or Scottish?

Collins was the 30th most common surname in Ireland when a study was made in 1890, yet it is also a common name in Scotland and in England. Ironically, the name today spelled Collins probably has at least three different origins, one or more Irish Gaelic, one Scots Gaelic, and one in Anglo-Saxon.

Is Collins Irish or English?

Although Collins is a common English name, Collins is also an indigenous Irish name, derived from the Irish Gaelic “O’Coileain.”

Is McGraw an Irish name?

The Irish surname McGraw is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Craith, a patronymic from a personal name, possibly Mac Raith meaning “son of grace,’ from rath meaning “grace, or prosperity.” There were two main families of McGraw in Ireland, the first is that from County Clare, who migrated South to County …

Is McGraw Irish or Scottish?

Last name: McGraw This interesting surname is an Anglicized form of the Old Gaelic “Mac Craith”, the earlier form of which was “Mac Raith”, composed of the elements “Mac” meaning son of plus “Rath” an old byname meaning grace or prosperity. The name originated independently in Ireland and Scotland.

What nationality is the last name Collins?

The surname Collins has a variety of likely origins in Britain and Ireland: Anglo-Saxon and Scottish: A patronymic surname based on the English and Scottish name Colin, an English diminutive form of Nicholas.

What are the most common last names in Ireland?

Top 100 Irish surnames & last names (family names ranked)Murphy. Pin. Credit: commons.wikimedia.org. … Kelly. Gaelic Equivalent: ó Ceallaigh. … O’Sullivan. Gaelic Equivalent: ó Súilleabháin. … Walsh. Credit: commons.wikimedia.org. … Smith. Gaelic Equivalent: Mac Gabhann. … O’Brien. Gaelic Equivalent: ó Briain. … Byrne. Gaelic Equivalent: ó Broin. … Ryan. Gaelic Equivalent: ó Maoilriain.More items…•

How is McGrath pronounced?

McGrath or MacGrath derives from the Irish surname Mac Craith and is occasionally noted with a space: e.g. Mark Mc Grath. It is typically pronounced identically to the related surname McGraw in English-speaking countries. In Australia and New Zealand it is pronounced MuhGrah.

What does Collins mean in Irish?

In Ireland, a name derived from cuilein, meaning “darling,” a term of endearment applied to young animals. The medieval Gaelic surname was Ua Cuiléin, most often seen today as Ó Coileáin. As a Welsh surname, Collins may derive from collen, signifying a hazel grove.