Quick Answer: Which Feature Of Earth Is Created At Mid Ocean Ridges Quizlet?

Which statements describe Wegener’s ideas that became known as the theory of continental drift select three options?

The continents drifted apart over a long period.

The continents were once connected as one landmass.

The continents have moved apart very quickly due to earthquakes.

The continents are magnetically pulled toward or pushed away from one another..

What type of melting occurs at mid ocean ridges?

Decompression melting occurs at mid-ocean ridges. When two plates move apart, they create a space that can be filled by hot rock that rises buoyantly from below.

Which feature of Earth is created at mid ocean ridges?

Explanation: Mid-ocean ridges occur along divergent plate boundaries, where new ocean floor is created as the Earth’s tectonic plates spread apart. As the plates separate, molten rock rises to the seafloor, producing enormous volcanic eruptions of basalt.

What increases along faults and leads to rock breaking?

it’s stress.

What best describes the theory of plate tectonics?

The theory of plate tectonics states that the Earth’s solid outer crust, the lithosphere, is separated into plates that move over the asthenosphere, the molten upper portion of the mantle. Oceanic and continental plates come together, spread apart, and interact at boundaries all over the planet.

Which plate forms a boundary with the African plate?

Answer. Answer to the question is: The plate which forms a boundary of the African plate is Antarctic Eurasian and South American.

Which mid ocean ridge is spreading the slowest?

The Ridge is named after him, and the name was recognized in April 1987 by SCUFN (under that body’s old name, the Sub-Committee on Geographical Names and Nomenclature of Ocean Bottom Features). The ridge is the slowest known spreading ridge on earth, with a rate of less than one centimeter per year.

Which statement best describes how the Great Rift Valley in Africa formed check all that apply?

The answer is; The rift valley formed when the crust pulled apart. The rift valley formed at a divergent boundary.

Which temperature most likely corresponds to the asthenosphere?

1,613°C1,613°C most likely corresponds to the asthenosphere. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What two features occur at mid ocean ridges?

There are two processes, ridge-push and slab-pull, thought to be responsible for the spreading seen at mid-ocean ridges, and there is some uncertainty as to which is dominant. Ridge-push occurs when the weight of the ridge pushes the rest of the tectonic plate away from the ridge, often towards a subduction zone.

Which types of evidence do geologist usually study?

Answer. Geologists have used two main types of evidence to learn about Earth’s interior: direct evidence from rock samples and indirect evidence from seismic waves.

Which evidence shows that land masses have different climates millions of years ago?

Scientists have found fossils on many different continents of species that would have lived in a climate very different from the one in that location today. For example, fossils of aquatic organisms have been found in deserts.

Which two tectonic plates are separated by a mid ocean ridge?

Seafloor spreading occurs along mid-ocean ridges—large mountain ranges rising from the ocean floor. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, for instance, separates the North American plate from the Eurasian plate, and the South American plate from the African plate.

When were Earth’s landmasses first recognizable as the?

About 175 million years ago. Explanation: Approximately 335 million years ago , the scattered landforms on the earth surface assembled to form super-continents also called Pangea .

What are some examples of mid ocean ridges?

Two well-studied mid-ocean ridges within the global system are the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the East Pacific Rise.

Which evidence shows that landmasses had different climates millions of years ago?

The proof of locations of folded mountains in Africa and South America confirms the phenomena of continental shifts. Wegener suggested that it is probable that the rotation of the Earth is responsible affected the continents to shift towards each other and apart from each other.