Quick Answer: What Is The Phrasal Verb Of Look Down Upon?

What is the phrasal verb of look into?

Look into = to investigate, to research We need to look into the reasons behind why half the class failed the exam.

The doctor received the test results but now needs to look into why my cholesterol levels are so high.

We’ll look into the problem and contact you when we have more information..

What does disparage mean?

: meant to belittle the value or importance of someone or something : serving or intended to disparage someone or something a disparaging term/word …

Is disparagement illegal?

These terms are typically called “non-disparagement” clauses and have been used periodically by professionals and corporations to pre-empt and prevent negative reviews. They often provide financial penalties or the right to sue for their violation. But they’re illegal.

What is another word for based upon?

What is another word for based upon?based onbased off ofderived fromdeveloped ondrew onestablished onformed onformulated ongleaned frompredicated on10 more rows

What is a word for someone who thinks they are better than everyone?

Superiority is the quality of being better than or superior to someone else. Of course, sometimes superiority is all in your head; in that case, some people might say you have a superiority complex, which means that you think you’re better than everyone else! …

What is a word for look down upon?

If you are being condescending, you are looking down on someone.

What is the phrasal verb of look down?

to think that you are better than someone or something She looks down on people who haven’t gone to college.

What is a synonym for frowned upon?

What is another word for frown upon?be againstcondemndisfavorUSdislikefrown onobject toopposetake a dim view offrown atdiscountenance84 more rows

What does self disparaging mean?

cry stinking fish To badmouth one-self, to belittle or disparage one’s own efforts or character, to put one-self down; to cause others to think ill of one-self.

What is the meaning of double up?

to share something, especially a room, with someone else: Terry will have to double up with Bill in the front bedroom. to receive or use two of something: Matt Damon doubled up, winning two Oscars that night.

How do you say looked down upon?


What does disparage mean in law?

1 : the publication of false and injurious statements that are derogatory of another’s property, business, or product. — called also business disparagement, commercial disparagement, disparagement of property, slander of goods, trade libel. 2 : slander of title.

What frowned upon means?

: to disapprove of (something) The company frowns on dating among employees. Public expressions of affection are frowned upon in many cultures.

What is the meaning of phrasal verb put up with?

phrasal verb. If you put up with something, you tolerate or accept it, even though you find it unpleasant or unsatisfactory.

What is the word when someone treats you like a child?

To show that one feels superior in a patronizing manner. condescend. patroniseUK. patronizeUS. belittle.

What does did away mean?

archaic. : to put an end to : destroy a dislike which not all his fortune and consequence might do away— Jane Austen.