Quick Answer: What Is An Account Reference?

What is an account reference number?

Your reference is a code unique to your Direct Debit, provided by the company who are claiming the payment.

Its purpose is to identify your payment so they can be matched to your account.

It is usually your account number or customer number with that company..

Is a reference number the same as an account number?

In addition to the bank account number, you need a reference number that tells us which tax the payment is meant for. Every taxpayer has their own reference number. In addition, different types of taxes have different reference numbers. However, your personal tax-specific reference number is always the same.

Where can I find my account reference number?

You’ll be able to find your Accounts Office Reference number on the letter you received from HMRC when you first registered as an employer. If you receive a payment booklet it should also be found on the front of this, or alternatively on the ‘Paying Electronically’ letter if you opted to pay electronically.

What is the difference between my reference and their reference?

‘My reference’ is a 20-character description that you fill in when making a payment. … ‘Beneficiary reference’ is a 20-character description that you fill in when making a payment. It allows your beneficiary to easily identify what the payment was for in their monthly statement or transaction history.

What is payment reference number?

Each payment form is pre-populated with a unique payment reference number, or PRN, which is used to match the allocations on the payment form to the actual payment made.

How do I find my payment reference number?

How to find reference number on PhonePe app.Step 1: Click on All Transaction option from Home Screen.Step 2: Click on the transaction you made.Step 3: Note the 12 digit reference number that starts with 9.