Quick Answer: What Does Shut Your Geggie Mean?

What does KEEK mean in Scottish?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb.

chiefly Scotland.

: peep, look..

What does Malky mean?

Noun. malky (plural malkies) (Scotland, slang) A beating. Oota ma coupon afore ah gies y’ the malky, ya bam. (Scotland, slang) A murder.

What does yer bum’s oot the Windae mean?

bum is out the window“Yer bum’s oot the windae” (Your bum is out the window) – You’re literally talking rubbish.

Do Scots still say Ken?

“To ken” the Scots version of the verb “to know”, and is one of the non-standard-English words you hear in most dialects of Scottish English. … It survived in Scots and in some Northern English dialects, and as a fossil word in expressions such as “beyond one’s ken”.

What means Dinna fash?

don’t worryDinna fash A reassuring phrase meaning ‘don’t worry’.

What is the largest clan in Scotland?

Clan MacDonald of ClanranaldWhat is the largest clan in Scotland? Clan MacDonald of Clanranald is one of the biggest Highland clans. Descendants of Ranald, son of John, Lord of the Isles, the MacDonalds controlled most of Scotland’s northwest coast.

What is the Scottish word for handsome?

CoinneachCoinneach. Male | Although anglicised as Kenneth, Coinneach translates as ‘handsome’, stemming from the Gaelic word caoin.

What does Sleekit mean in Scottish?

sleek, smooth1 chiefly Scotland : sleek, smooth. 2 chiefly Scotland : crafty, deceitful.

What is gormless?

Gormless is a slang word meaning stupid, dull, or clumsy. Gormless is typically applied to people (and sometimes their actions). It is chiefly used in the U.K.

What is a jobby in Scotland?

Noun. jobbie (plural jobbies) (Scotland, slang) Faeces; a piece of excrement.

What does geggie mean?

Definition of ‘geggie’ 1. the opening through which many animals take in food and issue vocal sounds. 2. the system of organs surrounding this opening, including the lips, tongue, teeth, etc. 3.

How do you say shut up in Scottish?

Wheesht: shut up.

What does Och aye mean?

Interjection. och aye. (Scotland) yes, OK; used to state agreement.

What does BRAW mean in Scottish?

good, fine1 chiefly Scotland : good, fine. 2 chiefly Scotland : well dressed.

What does Och Aye noo mean?

Oh yes, just now“Och aye the noo!” This is one of those Scottish phrases that can be heard in countless parodies aimed at poking fun at the Scots’ dialect and accent. Its direct English translation is “Oh yes, just now”.

What does Glaikit mean in Scottish?

Glaikit (pronounced glay-kit; also spelt glaiket) is an adjective used to describe a stupid, foolish and thoughtless person or action. It is mainly used in Scotland and Northern England, like in: “Don’t just stand there looking glaikit, do something!”

Why Scots are called jocks?

Jock is a Scottish diminutive form of the forename “John”; it corresponds to Jack in England and Wales. It is also a nickname for someone of Scottish origin. It is also the collective names of or Scottish soldiers.