Quick Answer: What Does Bonnie Mean In Scottish?

Is Bonnie short for Elizabeth?

Bonnie \b(on)-nie\ as a girl’s name is pronounced BOH-nee.

It is of Scottish origin, and the meaning of Bonnie is “fine, attractive, pretty”.

From the Scottish word “bonnie” and also diminutive of the French word “bonne”, meaning “good”.

Commonly used as a fond nickname..

What is the meaning of Bunny?

noun, plural bun·nies. a rabbit, especially a small or young one. Slang: Sometimes Disparaging and Offensive. a pretty, appealing, or alluring young woman, often one ostensibly engaged in a sport or similar activity:beach bunny; ski bunny. Chiefly British. a squirrel.

What does Bonnie mean in Outlander?

Bonnie/Bonny is a compliment for women, often used with the word lass, meaning beautiful woman. The word plausibly comes from the French bonne meaning good, or the Latin bonus, meaning the same. The masculine version of the word is braw. A word which is heard often is ken, which means to know.

What does Bonnie mean?

a female given name: from the Latin word meaning “good.”

What does bonny lass mean in Scottish?

1. Scottish and Northern England dialect. beautiful or handsome. a bonny lass.

What does Ken mean in Scottish?

range of knowledge or perception1. range of knowledge or perception (esp in the phrases beyond or in one’s ken) verbWord forms: kens, kenning, kenned or kent (kɛnt ) 2. Scottish and Northern England dialect.

Do Scots still say Ken?

“To ken” the Scots version of the verb “to know”, and is one of the non-standard-English words you hear in most dialects of Scottish English. … It survived in Scots and in some Northern English dialects, and as a fossil word in expressions such as “beyond one’s ken”.

What does Och Aye noo mean?

Oh yes, just now“Och aye the noo!” This is one of those Scottish phrases that can be heard in countless parodies aimed at poking fun at the Scots’ dialect and accent. Its direct English translation is “Oh yes, just now”.

What does lass mean in Scottish?

1 : a young woman : girl a Scottish lass.

What does chica mean?

The definition of chica is a Spanish word that means a female friend or girl. An example of chica is what two young women call one another affectionately. noun.

Is Bonnie a girl?

Except Scott has stated that they are all male or female, and that Bonnie is male. … Scott has said all animatronics are either male or female. Freddy, Foxy, and Bonnie are male. Therefore, Chica is the only female, as all the others are male.

Is Lass Irish or Scottish?

The Irish use “lad” and “lass” more often than the Scottish “laddie” or “lassie.” Like the Sctos, however, the Irish will use these terms regardless of age.