Quick Answer: Is Evan A Girl Or Boy Name?

Is Evan a male or female name?

Evan: It’s a boy.

Since 1880, a total of 231,324 boys have been given the name Evan while we have no record of any girls being named Evan..

Is Evan a nice name?

A well-known name that’s avoided overuse, Evan is a handsome pick with effortless style. He’s short and sweet, a great alternative to the similar mega-popular picks Liam and Noah. With boy-next-door appeal and endless likability, Evan doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to get your attention.

Is Evan short for Evander?

Evander isn’t related to Evan. Evan is yet another international variant of the evergreen John, this time of the Welsh variety.

Is Evan a unisex name?

The name Evan means God Is Good and is of Welsh origin. Evan is name that’s been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names–baby names that can be used for any gender. Form of the name John.

How do you spell Evan in Irish?

Evan in Irish is Éimhín.

How do you pronounce eavan?

Traditionally, Eavan is pronounced “AY-ven” (like “raven” or “haven”). The traditional Irish way of pronouncing this name is “EE-van” like Steven. However, people pronounce it like the boys name Evan and as above Ay-ven.

What is the Spanish name for Evan?

Evan in Spanish is Iván.

Is Evan a Hindu name?

Evan – A perfect name for your little brat. Evan means a young warrior. … Ehan – Even though it is an Urdu name, the name has grown increasingly popular among Hindus. It stands for ‘the full moon’.

What is Evan a nickname for?

Some say Evan is a Welsh form of John, the Scottish form of Euan or a short form of the Greek Evangelos. Others think it dates to the ancient Hebrew root for John that means “God is gracious.” No matter its origins, Evan is here to stay.

Is Evan a Bible name?

Evan is a Welsh masculine given name derived from “Iefan”, a Welsh form for the name John. In other languages it could be compared to “Ivan”, “Ian”, and “Juan”; the name John itself is derived from the ancient Hebrew name יְהֹוחָנָן‎ Yəhôḥānān, which means “Yahweh is gracious”.

What does Evan stand for?

It is of Hebrew, Welsh and Scottish origin, and the meaning of Evan is “God is gracious; born of yew; youth”. Welsh variant of Iefan, a later form of Ieuan, from John. As a Scottish name it is a variant of Euan. In Celtic, the name means “young warrior”.

What is the female version of Evan?

♀ Evan (girl) Popular alternative forms of Evan ranked in the Top 2000 are Eva (#75 FROM RECENT DATA), Evangeline (#277), Evie (#322) and Eve (#442).

How do you pronounce Evan?

PronunciationIPA: /ˈɛ.vən/Rhymes: -ɛvən.Audio (Canada) (file)

What is the biblical meaning of Evans?

English Baby Names Meaning: Evan is the Welsh form of the Hebrew John, meaning God has been gracious, or God has shown favor.

How many Evan are in the world?

234,058Based on the analysis of 100 years worth of data from the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Baby Names database, the estimated population of people named EVAN is 234,058.