Quick Answer: How Many Types Of Oreos Are There?

What is the rarest Oreo?

Here are 21 weird Oreo flavors that are definitely the strangest ones that ever existed.Caramel Apple.

The Caramel Apple Oreo.

Lemon Twist.

This one was odd to me because they have Lemon Oreos in stores everywhere.

Blueberry Pie.

Banana Split.

Candy Corn.

Jelly Donut.

Swedish Fish.

Fruit Punch.More items….

Do orange Oreos taste different?

There is no difference other than your appreciation of orange dye in the filing as a taste enhancer.

How do you submit Oreo flavors?

Listen up, because you could win $500,000 from Oreo. The company announced a new My Oreo Creation Contest, asking fans to submit their best Oreo flavor via text (Dial 59526), Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest.

Where can I buy birthday cake Oreos?

Walmart.comOREO Birthday Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 15.25 oz – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

What are all of the Oreo flavors ever made?

They come in original, golden, mint, chocolate creme, lemon, coconut, salted caramel, tiramisu, latté and pistachio flavors. Cinnamon Bun Oreos cookies released January 2016, are made of cinnamon cookies with frosting-flavored creme.

What flavor is 2020 Oreos?

Churro”Case closed!” Oreo wrote on its Instagram Monday. “The #MysteryOREO is Churro flavored creme. Nice work, super-sleuths… We have notified the winner directly.

What is the weirdest Oreo flavor?

25 Oreo Flavors You Never Knew ExistedSwedish Fish Oreos.Firework Oreos.Wasabi Oreos.Hot Chicken Wings Oreos.Fruit Punch Oreos.Candy Corn Oreos.Peeps Oreos.Watermelon Oreos.More items…•

What happened to Golden Birthday Cake Oreos?

The problem here is Golden Birthday Cake Oreos have been pulled by production because no one buys it anymore. However, these cookies are so good and people are missing out. Kids will grow up never being able to taste this beautifulnes of a cookie.

Are Halloween Oreos Double Stuf?

Halloween Similar to the Christmas Oreos, this is a Double Stuf Oreo but has orange-colored filling for Halloween. Sometimes there are pumpkins on the cookies, too, which is fun.

Who won the Mystery Oreo?

The sweet, cinnamon-y cookie was released in September, and now consumers will have the comfort of knowing that delicious flavor is churro. Oreo has said they have selected and contacted the winner of the contest. In a post announces the mystery flavor, Oreo said “Case closed! The #MysteryOREO IS Churro flavored crème.

Source: Amazon.com: Oreo Wafer, 23.1 Pound — 1 each. Yes in the USA you can buy the cookie finely ground for pie crust.

Are Birthday Cake Oreos nut free?

But all Oreo flavors are made with vegan-friendly ingredients, including Mint, Golden Birthday Cake, Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter, and Dark Chocolate.