Question: What Does MA Mean As A Title?

What does Ma before a name mean?

: mother.


abbreviation (1) Definition of mA (Entry 2 of 6).

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What does MA mean in Philippines?

Filipino women with two given names such as María Cristina or María Victoria may choose to abbreviate the very common María (in honor of the Virgin Mary) as Ma. (with a full stop), thus rendering these given names as Ma. Cristina or Ma. Victoria.

Is Ma’an abbreviation for Maria?

According to RI 22.18A, we should add within parentheses the full form of an abbreviation in the heading when the full form is “known with certainty”. Long-standing Princeton practice has been to consider that the abbreviation Ma. in a personal name always stands for Maria.

What does MA stand for in Spanish names?

Ma (usually underlined raised lower case) it’s an abbreviation of María (Mary). No (underlined raised lower case too) is abbreviation of Número (Number) -as in a house address.

What does MA mean when a guy says it?

It could mean, mom, mother, aunt, grandmother, friend’s mother — as an expression of respect to the matriarchy of the home or business. It could mean honey, boo, dear, sweetie, etc — possibly flirtatious, but also a term of endearment. Like father to daughter.

Is Ma and Maria the same?

You are correct in saying that the term “Ma.” is commonly used as the shorter version of the name “Maria.” Yet, it can still be expected that confusion or uncertainty will result if one who is named as “Maria” will use “Ma.” in her dealings, as in the situation of your cousin.

Is Ma short for mother?

Ma is defined as a casual way of saying mother or mom. An example of ma is what a teenager might call his mother.

Is MA a real word?

Yes, ma is in the scrabble dictionary.

Do the British say mom or ma am?

In British English we use the word “Mum” with you pronounced as in “put”. They don’t. They pronounce it exactly as written (Ma=am). As for mom, there is no such word in British English.

What does MA mean in Latin?

Likewise A.M., equivalent to the Master of Arts (M.A.), is Latin for “artium magister”; and S.M., equivalent to the Master of Science (M.S.), is Latin for “scientiae magister.” The more recent A.L.M. (Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies) degree translates to “magistri in artibus liberalibus studiorum prolatorum …