Question: What Are The Parts Of A Marae?

What can you not do in a marae?

Do not eat or drink in the wharenui.

Do not step over people in the wharenui.

Do not sit on pillows.

Mattresses and pillows will be provided but you will need to bring your own blankets or sleeping bag..

Why is there a Marae Atea?

marae ātea (noun) courtyard, public forum – open area in front of the wharenui where formal welcomes to visitors takes place and issues are debated. The marae ātea is the domain of Tūmatauenga, the atua of war and people, and is thus the appropriate place to raise contentious issue.

What is a Manuhiri?

Definition of ‘manuhiri’ 1. a visitor to a Māori marae. 2. a Māori term for a non-Māori person, seen as a guest in the country.

Why is powhiri important?

The powhiri is the ritual ceremony of encounter. … The tangata whenua will perform the haka powhiri, a chant and dance of welcome, during which the manuhiri are symbolically drawn onto the marae (sacred courtyard). The chants often use the symbolism of hauling a waka or canoe onto the shore.

What is a whare?

1 : a Maori hut or house. 2 New Zealand : a temporary or roughly built hut in the bush.

Can you drink alcohol on a marae?

Te Kohinga Mārama Marae has a No Alcohol policy, therefore no alcohol is to be taken onto or consumed in any building or area within the marae complex. …

What does Poutokomanawa mean?

A poutokomanawa is a central part of a wharenui (meeting house) and represents the ancestors of that marae, hapū or iwi. The poutokomanawa is the central support/post within the wharenui and also welcomes guests into the house.

What do you wear to a marae?

Stand at the gate or entrance of the marae. Depending on the formality of the occasion it is usual for women to dress modestly, skirts that are not too short and males to wear long pants. It is polite to arrive early and wait for hosts to acknowledge your arrival by sending forth the first karanga, the call of welcome.

What does the name marae mean?

Marae is an American name for girls meaning Time; destiny. Read below for Marae’s celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Marae is the one, congratulations!

Who performs the Karanga?

Karanga are carried out almost exclusively by women and in Māori language, and are initiated by the tangata whenua or hosts, and responded to by the visitors. Karanga follow a particular format in keeping with protocol.

What is a marae made of?

Marae generally consist of an area of cleared land roughly rectangular (the marae itself), bordered with stones or wooden posts (called au in Tahitian and Cook Islands Māori) perhaps with paepae (terraces) which were traditionally used for ceremonial purposes; and in some cases, a central stone ahu or a’u.

What is the front of a marae called?

marae āteaMarae are used for meetings, celebrations, funerals, educational workshops and other important tribal events. A marae incorporates a carved meeting house (wharenui) with an open space in front (marae ātea), a dining hall and cooking area, and a toilet and shower block.

What is a hakari?

Hākari (feasts) were a way to demonstrate hospitality and mana. Sometimes hosts and guests competed to outdo each other with the biggest feast and greatest hospitality.

Why do you take your shoes off in a marae?

Shoes at the door of the wharenui (1st of 2) One explanation for this is that the dust from the marae ātea (courtyard), which is the domain of Tūmatauenga, the god of war, should not be brought into the wharenui, the domain of Rongo, the god of peace. … Respect is shown for the tipuna (ancestor) by removing shoes.

What happens during a Tangi?

It is commonly called a tangi, which also means to weep, and to sing a dirge (a lament for the dead). The dead play an important role in Māori traditions. They are acknowledged at all gatherings, irrespective of the nature of the meeting, through karanga (calls), whaikōrero (speeches), song and tears.

What are the rules of a marae?

Do not eat or drink during the welcome. Do not walk in front of a speaker on the marae ātea. Speak in Māori, not English, if giving a speech (unless expressly allowed). Males sit at the front on most marae, though some marae allow both women and men to sit on the front seat.

What is the powhiri process?

The pōwhiri (or pōhiri) is a process whereby the host people welcome visitors on the marae. … The marae usually consists of a wharenui (meeting house) with marae ātea (courtyard) in front, a wharekai (dining hall) and an ablutions block with toilets and showers.

How do you say hello in te reo?

Try to learn some Māori language phrases while you’re here – start with ‘Kia ora! ‘ – hello!