How Old Is Judith On Walking Dead?

Is Judith Rick’s daughter?

Rick’s adversaries have been taunting him with this knowledge since the Governor in season 3.

Having presumably done the math, Rick confessed to Michonne in season 7 he was completely aware Judith wasn’t his biological daughter.

Still, Rick and Michonne both accepted Judith Grimes as their child and part of the family..

Is Judith Grimes dead?

AliveJudith Grimes/Status

How old is Judith Grimes on The Walking Dead?

10Judith GrimesAge10Current Partner-Former Partner(s)-Parents† Shane Walsh and † Lori Grimes (biological), Rick Grimes and Michonne (adopted)13 more rows

How old is Judith in The Walking Dead Season 8?

Judith Grimes (TV Series)Judith GrimesGenderFemaleHairBrownAgeOne week (“The Suicide King”) 8 months (Season 5) 9 months/11 months (Season 6) 1 (Season 7) 3 (“A New Beginning”) 9 (“What Comes After”) 10 (Season 10)10 more rows